4 min readNov 22, 2022

Asia Based Global Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Mutual Fund XT Labs, Invests in Portuma!

Asia-based mutual fund XT Labs is affiliated with the Asian-based global blockchain ecosystem and the world’s first community-focused cryptocurrency platform, XT.Com.
XT ranked among the ten crypto exchanges with the largest volume on CoinMarketCap. The company invests in the first in-game advertising platform in Turkey and among the counted ones worldwide, aka Portuma. Portuma is the first company XT Labs has invested in in-game advertising!

XT Labs is the mutual fund of Asia-based global cryptocurrency exchange XT.Com of focused on blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies. Operating in the field of investment management company has been funding start-ups and new companies that have entered the sector since 2018. XT Labs especially operates in Asia and oversea markets while supporting growing startup projects and mentoring them. XT Lab’s long-term sustainable goal is to provide a reliable environment and invest while creating conditions of growth.

While XT Labs offers support of link up with global exchanges and building a market to the platforms they collaborate with, they are also offering strategies to strengthen brand image and promoting projects that assist in creating and maintaining digital assets effectively. Besides, XT Labs backs the marketing strategies of companies that they collaborate with, offering social media advertising and consulting services to re-place companies apart from their rivals on a global scale.

While the global mutual fund accompanies brands in every step of the investment and collaboration process, offering support on entering global markets and accomplishing new areas to the projects that they are mentoring and conducting with a global expert team, afterward XT Labs try to pursue the collaborative relations with them to make it possible to pursue the sustainable long-term goals. In this way, XT Labs has decided to operate its in-game advertising investments in Turkey with Portuma.

Innovative Steps in Digital Advertising: Turkey’s First In-Game Advertising Platform Portuma

Portuma is an excellent platform that brings innovative perspectives to digital marketing; Turkey’s first in-game advertising company among counted companies worldwide. The company brings gamers, game developers, game studios, and advertisers together with an established creative and unique ecosystem.

While game studios earn sustainable, measurable, and safe income by integration into the unique ecosystem of Portuma; advertisers capture a chance to announce their brands to the young generations at ease. Portuma does not disrupt the game experience via in-game advertising technology, unlike the pop-up ads, and does not bum out gamers within its dynamic advertising structure. The in-game ads don’t harm the game’s natural flow and don’t maximize. In this way, gamers’ game experience continues without any interruption!

Portuma provides gamers to earn PORToken with its p2e integration and doesn’t charge a fee for it. While PORToken is the token of the Portuma Project, gamers can earn PORToken while they are playing through the play, watch and earn integration. Similarly, game studios also have an advantageous position while their impression, download, and game time rates will increase with the integration. Portuma has 5 million active users and is actively used in 177 countries, and it makes game studios that integrated into its ecosystem gain over 65 million download rates. The outstanding platform that makes its partners reach over 12 million impression rates, will preserve its essence in global markets through the global mutual fund from XT Labs.

Founder and CEO of Portuma: Ozan Emrah Unal

Portuma’s founder and CEO Ozan Emrah Unal, says: “I think the investment made by Asia-based global cryptocurrency exchange XT’s mutual fund XT Labs, will be beneficial for the first in-game advertising company in Turkey, aka Portuma, globally. XT Labs break new ground in Turkey and invest in an in-game advertising company. I believe this investment leads to new collaborations, and make Portuma visible in the global gaming world. I suppose our relationship with XT will be developed with this investment and in the ongoing process POR Token might be listed in the XT.”

Founder and the head of the agency of the successful marketing agency Destex Digital, Ozan Emrah Unal, is also co-founder of Axell Studio which is Turkey’s first local game company. Unal is the founder and CEO of Turkey’s first in-game advertising company, Portuma. The successful entrepreneur who was born in 1980, maintaining digital operations with a creative team nearly consists of 50 people.

Unal introduced in-game advertising to everyone in Turkey and founded Portuma 1 year ago. Portuma went great guns since its founding, having important partnerships like Game Factory, Adjust, Adsyield, and Oyunder whereas maintaining projects with great advertisers like the University of Halic, Turkish Airlines, and Monster.


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